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wow it has been a minute [29 Jun 2007|11:33pm]
whats up world. life is crazy as usual and i have much love for many. go tro jamaica
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hi [06 Jan 2007|02:41pm]
long time no chat. does any one still use this thing. holla at me!!!!!!
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a looooooong time since i have saida word [29 Jun 2006|09:03pm]
[ mood | good ]

Well it has been quite a while sionce i posted so here is a go at it

I am madly in love witrh natalie that is the same

we are getting married in feb 07 we are looking at the b&a warehouse.

Im managing the hut again so here that goes.

as usual i need drivers and the store other than that is better than it has ever been condition wise. i need to get sales up but that will come in time with me at the helm.

Other than that i am boreing.

I need to get my ass back to the gym other than that im fine if any one still reads this thing.

i love you all if you read and respond to let me know you read my drivvle.

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Well the crawfish boil was the shit [07 May 2006|01:46am]
I loved the crawfish boil.

Blues traveler and cowboy mouth. god both days were awesome. funnel cake and dancing in the rain with natalie. I wish i had on cumfier shoes and we had chairs then i would be ready for 2 12 hour days of that kind of fun. it was awesome..... mad props holla if you went to the crawfish boil .
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eggs [16 Apr 2006|12:48pm]
happy easter to all and to all a good egg
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mimosas at midnight [12 Mar 2006|03:24am]
[ mood | mellow ]

Well it is my birthday today and i have enjoyed it so far. I opened the champagne at midnight and nat and i drank mimosas and we have a huge day planned . She is getting up early to go find me a cake and i will get up and make breakfast for anna and myself and nat and then we will hopefully get to go to the park. anna will love it. then my mom is makeing me a big lunch for my birthday then we have a quest to go find a pub that will be showing the first episode of season 6 sopranos. it is kinda of my fat kid crack..

soprano sundays and all.

ON another note i need a work out partner and a new job any offers on either or comments need to be submitted to my physical address on us moneys 50 dollar denominations or larger. no seriousely i need to lose a shit ton of weight im getting married in a year. things are a little wierd right now im still kind of dunderfunked over the deceased insurance career may it rot in hell with ................ i will not spew the last part. lol

side bar im a little buzzed from the pain pills for my lack of dental work and the champagne so i have re written most of this due to type errors lol

i feel great im in love and i need to go fishing.

right now anna is asleep behind me in our spare bed which is kind of her bed really. and i am enjoying her sleeping here. its hard to make sence out of it because so many of you don't have kids and if you do you have them with you. you see back when anna came into this world i was working a bunch of hours at krispy kreme and working nights and days to boot. my mom would always be pushing me to come to her house to take a nap and get some rest or sleep at her house.
and i was like mom i have my own house you know but every now and then i would go over there and take a quick snooze if it would prevent me from disrupting my own house u know. well one day i asked her why do you always want me to come over and sleep here. which would usually consist of me sitting down to talk to her and me passing out from exhaustion. she said baby give it 20 years or so and you will understand. i pressed for the insight and she told me that as a parent there is no better feeling than your kids being asleep under your roof. to hear them breathing soundly and knowing that they are perfectly safe and you can relax. and it hasn't been any where near 20 years but i understand. oh do i understand. im all the time wondering how anna is. and i have no way to check on her and really know. people will lie to you to keep you from worrying so its hard to trust her mother and come on its deb lol trust... shit lol damn i wish we had more champagne..... any way this is one of the best birthday perks i have is knowing she is ok. i mean you know if she needs me im here.. its all good.

now my birthday will continue when i wake up in a few hours and will be gung ho. i will be looking very fucking good. nat took me shopping for a birthday outfit and man i can't wait to go out in it. it looks really good. kind of preppy meets super sexy. we will get pics and put them on here. It looks really good. and she took me to unique feet and got me some sexy dress casual shoes and i can't wait till they come in so i can sport some sexy feet. you know what im talking about. good shoes are hard to find in my size. but my baby did it. she is the best.

Side bar. i seriousely need a work out partner to get my ass down to size for the wedding i need to be sexy as hell so its worth yalls trouble to come see me. i mean i know yall will be comeing to see nat cuz she will be super hot but i don't want to let down the masses lol.

aditional side bar about a parent moment i have with anna here................
Do you ever watch tv and the parent is in bed and the kid wakes up in the middle of the night and they sigh and go run off to see whats up. That is my favorite time with her. i love it when she gets up in the early night with a dream or somethingg and she needs me and i can be there for her. I love it because i hope one day that just one of those times makes it into her long term memory and she has it to remember and it comforts her and reminds her how much i really do love her and wish to be there for her.

Tonight she was in bed not sleeping when i got in from work. i wentto kiss her good night and put her movie on "she likes to fall asleep to dumbo or anastasia or a myriad of other stuff"
and when i told her i loved her and good night she said " im glad ur home daddy we missed you tonight" oh it was so good to hear. im a lucky man

And i eat crow and it is tasty. thanks baby you make it delicious tasty is a great adjective fuck tom he is a shit. water can be tasty he has never been to a tesco. lol

aditional aditional like holly on red dwarf lol gordon will get that
I need some ideas about a thrift diva style honey moon we were thinking about travel but money and all and mexico is cheapish but they will fuck up an american. well i have been at this for 30 minutes so i need to go climb in bed.

night all and happy birthday to me

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[01 Mar 2006|01:53pm]
If you read this, if your eyes are passing over this right now, even if we don't speak often, please post a comment with a memory of you and me. It can be anything you want, either good or bad. I promise not to come after you with a spatula, either way.

When you're finished, post this little paragraph on your LJ and be surprised (or mortified) about what people remember about you
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paint [10 Feb 2006|10:56pm]
Who Should Paint You: Alfred Gockel

All American yet funky, you inspire an artist's imagination
And while not everyone will understand your portrait, you will!
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sleepin [11 Jan 2006|01:21am]
[ mood | sad ]

Well it is 1:20 am and i am about to go to bed, or should i say back to bed. I wasted my day by working in the insurance field and driving 2 hours one way to see an old lady that knew she was uninsurable due to dialysis/kidney failure. I then drove 2 hours back to find my next appointment is a no show. yeahhhhh i love it. not. here is the meat of the post

Here it is so get ready to chew and savor its every morsel.....

So i got home and answered my voice mails which i tend to have a lot of these days due to the prescription drug plan medicare has put out and we are marketing for advantra rx. and then net sister wants to talk about money get advice and all so i take care of that for a minute then nat gets home and she has a her new phone that had just arrived via ups. then my boss called with a job for me so i called the lady and set the appointment and then called nats sis back to finish up with her questions.

Natalie was charging her phone and watching television and i was playing spartan total warrior while i was on hold with various advantra people trying to fix a list of problems. then i look up and its almost 5 and nat comes in and says she is hungry and i am like hmm me too. so i go cook a tasty dinner and we eat and watch a little bit of television and when im done eating i go and continue my game which is like my crack now which i will have to kick because of how i feel right now.

when nats phone was done charging about the time i go to play my game she is playing with that and sitting in the living room and talking to people to see how it sounds and playing with its options and the camera and so on and so forth.

I am killing romans and fighting barbarians and the such. as i play natalie comes in the room a couple of times to take my picture and let me hear her new ring tone. Then she comes in asking for the location of a hidden lid to a bowl "she is putting up the left overs " i tell my self.

sweet right

then i see her walk by and i keep playing not thinking anything about it and i beat a huge section of the game and i sit back to stretch and realize the house is quiet and the lights are off in the house.


I turn off the game and go see her in bed and i go to potty before bed. Then i get into bed next to her and i realize HEY ASS HOLE ITS 12:40 IN THE FUCKING MORNING AND YOU JUST WASTED A NIGHT YOU WILL NEVER GET BACK................

then i tell myself hey she bought me the game and is happy i take time to relax and enjoy it so much and i kow she had fun learning all about her new phone and taking pictures and the songs and so on.

im still mad at myself though.........I laid there in bed next to her for about half an hour then i got up to come post this. I felt bad because i missed her. she was here all night and i missed her for most of it. I laid there and i craved the idle conversation i could have engaged in at any point in the night. I miss her right now and wish i could hear her say anything. It reaffirms my decisions over the past year though ... i must love her more than most people would imagine. this little loss of time hurts so bad. I know i can get up early and go make coffee and go to magic muffins and come back and have breakfast with her but im still sad right now.

and i think she is a little sad as well why else would she have gone to bed without me. i really am an ass...

I hope she will keep me ....

this blows i really feel like shit

well i guess this feeling is my insight. I love her so much and this is me getting off lucky as a reminder as to hoe lucky i am to be so deeply in love. I could be alone and miserable and mad at the world instead of enjoying the days adventures we go on so often.

well enough of me kicking my self on your time right. yall have a great day or night and take it easy. mike

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hows life treating u [05 Oct 2005|11:39am]
[ mood | in management ]

well my home life is wonderful and full of promise. that isa plus every day of my life considering the hell i have been through in the past. my daughter is still beautiful and i can't ask for more from her. she is 4 and is good most of the time some days lol so i can't bitch.

now work is a diff tune. i had 2 trainees up till yesterday when one decided not to show up for our days events. no problem this isn't for every body. hell im proud of him for staying in it as long as he did knowing that he will never change and this was a change of course. there for not probable for long term outlook. he has a huge aptitude but he got frustrated because he didn't get it in a few days. he expects if he doesn't get it in a few days he will never get it. "how long did einstein work on relativity?"

So today i am due into work at 8:30. fine i wake up at 8:38. freak out because i am late, jump out of bed and slide into my fan which is on high speed because i like it cold. i would also like to mention i took the protective cover off the front so i could dust is and have not yet put it back on. this lack of covering led to the 3 portions of skin that i am missing on my right side by my waist. they range from an inch to 2 inches. if you see them please tell them i would like them back.

Now since i was an hour late and my trainee did not come back it is asumed instantly that i am a slacker of imense proportions and when the meeting which they were 45 minutes into ends i go to my terminal and get ready to start my day. I look over to where steve is suposed to be sitting. He is my other trainee. He is getting His things and has been told to go sit in tiffanies room. She is a senior field trainer. so i asume he has been put in her unit.

this blows because it cuts out my chance to profit from my efforts in training him.it takes away the perk of training which is the over ride. a small portion of his policy totals the company surrenders to me for my efforts.. with 5 employees under me it could be worth 60 k a year. so u see why im so excited. i have a huge erection with a cheese burger on the end of it. im so fucking happy im whistling zippidy doo da out my ass hole.

Now later my boss comes in our room and takes a seat and continues to do what he generally does. this is a form of comical harassment he thinks shames us into higher levels of production. then he hits me with ther quip of "now mike don't run any one else off" so i face my work and voice " i don't think that will be a problem because i don't have any one around me any more to run off do i?"

So he goes into the other room and makes steven come back in the room with me but tells him in front of every one to sit at the end of the aisle of cubicles so as not to be to near me. Not exactly like that but in so many words and they weren't to unlike those words. I was on the phone and missed the first end of the comment.

So this is my day so far and its just noon. so tell me if you will
to any one who reads this

How is life treating u?

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quiz [23 Sep 2005|01:56pm]

LJ Interests meme results

  1. being a cunning linguist:
    this is a well practiced vocabulary/oral exercise ask my friends about my prowess
  2. chow yun fat:
    that says it all he kix ass
  3. face fucking:
    its fun what can i say
  4. hulteen:
  5. life:
    i want more of i i am going to grab it by the horns and enjoy it
  6. movies:
    wonder how i would be on the silver screen. could i make it let me hear ya
  7. orgaaaaaaaasmmmmms:
    i have an undertone of sex it seems lol
  8. red dwarf:
    dave lister is god or at least to the cat people
  9. tetris:
    until my thunbs are numb baby
  10. women:

Enter your LJ user name, and 10 interests will be selected from your interest list.

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restaurant therapy [05 Sep 2005|10:37pm]
[ mood | sleepy ]

It is my feeling that any one who has worked in a restaurant who is going through a scary or stress ful tim e should sit on a stainless steel prep table. it is very theraputic. just an observation. respond if u agree or disagree.

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gadsden has good lunch potential [31 Aug 2005|01:47pm]
[ mood | bored ]

well im in gadsden and the day has blown ass so far. i have steve with me who i am training. I want lunch but he won't eat so neither do i why eat while some one watches but doesn't eat. oh well i supose this is some funny karma from my child hood. who knows.

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water shed event [15 Aug 2005|11:42am]
[ mood | anxious ]

still not sure of the origin of that statement but here goes my take on these past weeks events. It was a cool first week of the month because i sold some insurance which is my job but then the next week was fun. I wrote a little life policy which will pay off the debt of a couple smaller policies in anniston that canceled on me. no offense will but anniston blows. i still wanna see that big chinese buffet though. well wed was an office day and it sucked so i went on an appointment that evening that went very well. it was an annuity sale and she loved me. I don't want to say how much but if it all goes through the commission will be life altering. It will pay off all of my credit cards and a couple months of rent. if is my fondest wish for this to all come to fruition and if it does natalie and I are going to surrins for super crunch and a hell of a nite of fun. This is so nerve wrecking though because this office is no help in working the business. Emily our administrator wanted to go with me on the deal so she could make me give her a grand for helping but i did it alone because of the situation in which it all fell into place there was no time to get her. plus im already paying the office 7% for admin fees so thats almost a grand there. And she is the ex banker so she will have to help me get the money and i know she is gonna try to shake me down for some vig still which blows because she is so slow at chasing the money. but im gonna put that worry in its box. and on its high shelf and go try to set some more appts. i need to pay off the car and go rock shopping so i need some more sales like that :) love all you guys im out mike

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time for coffee [01 Jul 2005|07:06am]
[ mood | energetic ]

Well it is a few minutes after 7 am and i am having coffee and im awake. wierd. so i am takeing some time to address all the things going on around me in my life and in the lives of the ones i know. First off i would like to say dinner last night was good.

2nd to all the live journal post i have read in the last few days baby i hope the other job is a great thing you should look into it if it will make you happy we can do something with the budget.

K.A. i will pray for your step mom i remember when my gran ma had cancer and i know how tuff it is. I hope all goes well no one should have to deal with that horror.

Will i am glad you have found some true happyness we should all do dinner some times golden corral is great. just let us know when u want to go we are good on tuesday evenings???

To my sureal life gordon i hope you find the perfect job or your old partner decides to retire i know how much that job was ideal for you. You also have all my prayers

about nick and baby and baby i hope they are doing well. they never answer the phone so i have no clue but with nick if u aint hearing from him he is doing ok lol. he is near when he needs help so i take the silence as a good sign. I hope the baby is a sleeper though for his sake. lol when anna was born they told us don't be surprised if she sleeps a lot babies need to sleep alomst 20 hours a day to develop . bull crap i think she slept 20 hours in a week . she was always up and curious and hungry and crying like her old man. wait thats me and i don't cry. but i am always hungry so half truths it is.

well all my love to all my friends and i wish u all well andf i wish me well as well

p.s. i also got my kitchen re organized and i ho0pe i can keep it that way lol

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time to kill [26 Jun 2005|10:31pm]
[ mood | sore ]

well its sunday night and i just dropped off anna.

nicks baby is here and i hope his life is perfect as can be, and may he know happyness for every day he lives. and god forbid he have to pay 200 bucks for every time he sees his kid. I love anna to death but my god i wish my family would get on the same page as i am on so i know she is being raised the way i would be cumfy with. i know i have no room to point fingersa at any one but i have that she gets away with murder and is not pushed to be more ready for school which will be here for her really soon. mid august to be exact. she is a little winey and always knows how to put a rail road spike to my temple not on purpose im sure but she seems to have been programmed by the dark lord to test my will. ....
and some times she is perfect. tonight she just walked up and jumped on m y lap and laid her head on my shoulder and said i love you daddy. that was the substance of my dreams you know. then 20 seconds later she jumps down and runs and does something i told her not to do earlier. i so wish i could get some good out of life without it being a precursor to some kind of bastardization to my sanity. i pray that when she is 10 or 12 she will be a little like i was so we may have that peaceful time together.

I love nat to no end she is perfect. my friend gordon is being laid off from his job so if you know any company hireing please let me know i have a computer repair master handy.

will is eludeing to wanting a kid in his last post so rock on man be the father you have burried inside you.

work is work and i had a decent job last week but im looking to blow it out of the water soon. i want to get some serious bank saved up so i can get my own office with farmers.

also please anyone who knows where i can put a bumball machine let me know i need about 16 spots and hopefully this mill make me enough extra monty to pay child support. well im going to stare at the wall much clown love to the whole city.

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the new bat [18 Jun 2005|08:01am]
thenew batman movie in my opinion was better than the 1st with good old mike and jack. i had alwasy held it to be the best one but this one tells a story that does not follow the cartooney to the t but none the less is compelling and makes a lot more sence and for those of you that watched the batman adventures around the mid 90's will love it to . your pal mike
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new movie [12 Jun 2005|01:04pm]
[ mood | excited ]

so it is finally happening. george romaro has finally come out with a new zombie movie. its fucking awesome land of the dead and from the master himself. i can't wait just 2 weeks and i will be able to see his work on the big screen. 12 days and counting who is as stoked as i am. let me know mayb e we can get an undead group together for the premier. much clown love and keep the zed word alive.

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today and many before it [16 May 2005|07:26pm]
[ mood | aggravated ]

Today the grant writer tutor lady didn't call for the conference call thing. to say the least im pissed. this seems to be a lesson in futility. the toon knows what i mean. this is a skull fuck of many sorts im hungry so i guess im going to feed. shit damn piss fuco mother fucker and holy hell wheres the asprin

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new info [23 Apr 2005|05:16pm]
[ mood | hopeful ]

well life is great in many ways. Im having a slow month at work but my natalie is floating us until my biz picks up so im blessed like that. My baby anna is haveing a birthday in a couple weeks and that will be cool chuck e cheezes and all. will is alive and well and couch hopping so if u need a couch stabilizer let me know i can get u one cheap. My mom is moveing closer which will be cooler than i think just because it puts my baby closer when she is watching her. My bro is still all in love and broke but hey he says he is happy so mazle tof.
Now here is the part i was hit with thursday that i wanted to put in here. One day i will print all of these out because i have had some profound thoughts and posted them just not lately not that any one reads them. Thursday one of my apointmwents in huntsville canceled and i had about an hour to kill and i went to the decatur office to get off the road and do some paperwork. My cell rings and i miss it because i keep it on vibrate when im working. I didn't recognize the number so i checked the voice mail to see who it was. It was my dad leaveing a message about wanting some insurance. he talked to my mom and she told him i was selling and he was asking for a sit down. Now some of you know that i have no way to identify my real father in a line up because io am a bastard child. but my moms husband at the time of my conseption was a less than responsible man and spent much of my life in jail. he has never kept in touch and never made me believe he regretted the family he walked out on although he has apologized a million times as i have aged. I have always kept him at a distance because people like this hurt you but this message was different and made me antiquate a value with seeing him. He was in the hospital with some heart complications and he realized he was alone and he was or at least it sounded like he was ........ crying. He told me he was proud of me for getting out of the restaurant business and he wanted to see me. So after a long 13 hour day i went to visit him. we talked about insurance and what he was doing these days. he is on disability and liveing in the mission down town. Now i didn't mention that i teared up in huntsville when i got his message. Not over the not haveing a father part but over the sound in a grown mans voice who may just have realized the mistakle he made not trying. Not trying to hold down a job and not trying to help a family stay afloat. And i am haveingf breakfast with him this week and helping him get some insurance.
I don't expect to establish the great relationship i wish i had with a dad but hell with it i never did expect it honestly. but i think this will be a great educational tool. I will look into the life that is totally against the way i live with the all the time working for my family and my legacy and it will insure for me the values i have about fighting the good blood sweat and tears fight. It will help insure my keeping on keeping on and keep working on building my book of business until every one i know is covered and protected.

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